Boiler Insurance

Boiler Insurance, It is designed to provide coverage of indemnity for loss or damage to boilers resulting in explosion and collapse due to overpressure and failure of safety valves, faulty workmanship, defective materials and faulty design.

What it covers:

The accident insurance for boilers and pressure vessels against the risk of explosion and collapse due to the following causes:

  • Over-pressure
  • Failure of safety valves
  • Defective materials and workmanship
  • Faulty in design

Period of Insurance:

Normally issued on an annual basis commencing and ending at 12 midnight

In order to have a full understanding of the nature and scope of coverage under the policy, we recommend customers and prospective clients to study the conditions, exclusions and definitions stated in the policy or contact our technical staff in Engineering Insurance Department.

For further details, please call us on our telephone number or ask for a call back.

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