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It may be due to our fault or it may be caused by the mistake of other drivers. But whatever the reason is, the situation can be extremely stressful. And in the panic, we may not do the things that will protect our interests. So, here are the measures that you should take if you encounter a road accident in Dubai:.

25 August 2018     Read more

Most of us are guilty of overlooking the benefits of travel insurance. On the odd occasion abroad, we get unlucky and things go wrong. And a lot of the time, travel insurance can be your savior – so let’s look how travel insurance is more affordable than you may think.

16 August 2018     Read more

Accidents are commonplace and every so often purposes deadly injury main to disabilities or death. Non-public twist of fate insurance is a benefit coverage offering repayment inside the event of an unlucky event.

08 August 2018     Read more

Agencies need commercial enterprise coverage because it enables to cover the expenses of assets harm and liability claims. Without commercial enterprise insurance, business owners might have to pay out-of-pocket for high priced damages and prison claims towards their organization. In a few states, businesses are required to have particular forms of business insurance.

04 August 2018     Read more

The dimensions of export and import operations in Dubai leads to big volumes of marine insurance. With a massive amount of shipping and logistics clients, Awnic is properly located to layout suitable, properly-worded guidelines for the hull, shipment or liability coverage.

30 July 2018     Read more

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